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Skilled Meat-Cutters

Position Summary

At Vantage Foods, our meat-cutters are critical to ensuring our customers’ needs are met. We receive primal cuts of beef, pork, veal and lamb; then trim, cut and package the resulting fresh meat products for presentation at the retail level.

Meat-cutters are responsible for cutting required product in an efficient manner and according to the product specifications. Attention to food safety, product quality, workplace safety and plant productivity are key criteria. All meat-cutters are responsible for sharpening and steeling their knives, to keep a sharp edge so cuts are easier and optimal safety is observed.

Key Responsibilities

Key meat-cutter responsibilities include:

  • Cutting all meat according to specifications. Specifications may vary depending on the product and the cut required. The end quality of the product is critical. If you are not 100% sure about the specifications of a product, you must ask your supervisor to clarify instructions.
  • Ensuring all safety equipment is worn and used correctly; and all workplace and food safety procedures are followed.
  • Ensuring all equipment is clean and operational.
  • Ensuring the work area is clean and free of all safety hazards.
  • Ensuring any product that falls on any unsanitary surface is placed on the reconditioning table or discarded.
  • Keeping your knife as sharp as possible, to ease the cutting of the product.

Key Skills and Competencies

Testing on product cuts, understanding and delivering on product specifications (trimming, preparation for automated cutting machines and delivering on product yields) is part of new meat-cutter orientation at all Vantage Service Centres.


Experience as a meat-cutter at a retail operation or in a meat processing environment is required for all Vantage Foods meat-cutting positions.

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