Heat-Line is an award winning company that specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced heat trace, heat cable and water pipe freeze protection solutions for the residential and commercial/ industrial markets. Heat-Line systems are constructed with the highest quality self-regulating/conductive polymer heat trace cable, auto-therming heat trace cable and components. This provides installers and users with reliable, safe, long lasting, and energy efficient heating cable products that are supported by highly experienced support staff and product technicians with real world expertise. Heat-Line offers numerous products for freeze protection applications including pipe warmers for cottagescabins, homes, municipal water supply, resorts, farmsmines, oil and gas industry, trailer parks, transportation vehicles, emergency service vehicles, pumper trucks, recreational vehicles, and off-grid (solar/wind). Want to turn a seasonal vacation home into a year-round residence? Heat-Line has the reliable energy efficient electrical heat trace and heat cable to do just that. Heat-Line believes there is a solution to every freeze protection problem. 

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Advanced Freeze Protection Systems

Since 1988 Heat-Line has been developing advanced trace heating and heating cables freeze protection systems to solve specific pipe freezing and roof de-icing issues. Heat-Line provides electrical heat tracing and heating cable solutions that are fully certified and suitable for installation in multiple freeze protection applications including new/ existing residential water supply pipes, new/ existing municipal water supply pipes, sump pump lines, drilled/ dug wells, small/ large diameter drain pipes, sewage/ septic pipes and drains, small/ large diameter culverts, metal/ non-metal tanks and vessels, and roof de-icing. Use the search tool link below to help find the Heat-Line heat trace, heat cable and heat tape products to fit your requirements.

About Heat-Line

Heat-Line is a Canadian owned and operated company that since 1988 has dedicated its resources to the development of advanced heating cable and heat trace solutions. Founded by a licenced practicing electrician Heat-Line is committed to developing products out of necessity, providing heat tracing and heat cable products that meet the needs and challenges of those individuals that call some of the most extreme cold climates home. There are all kinds of companies that sell heat trace and heat cables; Heat-Line sells solutions. Heat-Line offers unique solutions and proprietary designs, many of which are patented within North America and carry Trademarks globally. Heat-Line not only provides high quality heating cable products but excellent customer service and technical support. Dealing with customers and solving a pipe freeze protection related issue is very rewarding. That is why Heat-Line will continue to develop heat tracing solutions and heating cable products, while providng excelllent customer service that increases the living standards of those of cold climates.

The Heat-Line Difference

Heat-Line brand heat cable products are specifically manufactured to solve issues encountered in extreme cold climates. Industry-leading knowledge and experience with heat trace, respect for our customers, and attention to detail has generated a loyal following of customers that trust Heat-Line products, and that will never change. Part of respecting and developing a loyal customer base is developing pipe warmer solutions and heating cables that take into account the concerns and needs of those customers. As a result Heat-Line provides trace heating products that are developed by experts within the field, supported by award winning customer service, offer efficient operation, manufactured of only the finest self-regulating heating cable and represent marketing leading quality control in heat tracing.

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The Heat-Line team is comprised of professionals from many different industries and backgrounds including tradespeople, engineers, scientists, sale technicians, support staff, and administration personnel who are ready to help with your heat tracing needs. Heat-Line strives to employ individuals that complement the core beliefs of Heat-line through innovative thinking and customer first principles. Every heat trace cable system and heating cable solution manufactured by Heat-Line has been researched, designed and developed internally. As a result the Heat-Line support staff has complete and thorough working knowledge of all the trace heating products offered within the Heat-Line product group.

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Customer Care

Delivering exceptional customer service is one of Heat-Line’s top priorities. From start to finish, the friendly and knowledgeable personnel deliver quality customer service that begins with your initial inquiry and continues from helping you select the right freeze protection heat tracing system for your particular application to product installation, future maintenance, and any questions or concerns that you have along the way with respect to your heating cable. The ability to develop electrical heat tracing products that meet the challenging needs of individuals in cold climates relies solely on the ability to communicate and understand the requirements of your customers. It is the mandate of Heat-Line that the purchase of a heat trace cable is where the support begins - not where it ends!

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Quality Control

Heat-Line advanced self-regulating heat trace cable systems are manufactured and assembled in North America (Canada and the United States) using the highest quality North American sourced raw materials. The Heat-Line manufacturing process is seamless, mandatory quality checks and an industry leading work in progress quality control program. Technicians personally power and inspect each heat trace and heating cable system manufactured prior to final packaging to ensure 100% satisfaction and on-site operation when delivered. There is a sense of pride in each and every heat tracing product manufactured by Heat-Line, providing customers with world class heating cable systems is paramount.

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Self Regulating

All Heat-Line heat trace products are manufactured of advanced self-regulating heating cable. The benefit of self-regulating heating cable is that there is no concern about underheating or overheating, even when insulated. Self-regulating heating cable vary its power (watt) output in response to temperature at every point along its length. As the surrounding temperature (water or air) increases, Heat-Line products automatically decrease their heat output, and vise versa. Heat-Line heat trace continually compensates for temperature fluctuations. The result is energy savings, especially when insulated to control the amount of heat loss.

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Efficient Operation

Heat-Line heat tracing products offer cost-effective operation and maintenance reliability that no traditional pipe warmer, heat cable or heat tape can match. The unique performance of self-regulating technology allows the use of thermal pipe insulation for the first time. Applying insulation allows the reduction of heat or energy loss to the surrounding ambient, thereby reducing the overall amount of heat and or energy applied by the heat tracing cable system. Heat-Line systems save time and money when compared with traditional constant wattage heat trace cable/ heat tape systems.

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If you are ready to receive a quote, place an order, or would like to speak with one of our experienced customer care representatives or technicians please give us a call. Our sales and support team is in the office Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm eastern time.


Heat-Line is a division of Christopher MacLean Limited.

Heat-Line, Retro-Line, Paladin, EDGE-CUTTER, Kompensator, CARAPACE and ArcticVent are registered trademarks of Heat-Line Corporation.

What Our Customers Have to Say

I am very satisfied with the product. My water pipe doesn't drain in the winter, and Retro-Line has prevented freeze-up. In fact since I have installed it, I haven't even noticed any decrease flow in water or increase in the hydro bill.

Rob - Concord, Ontario

We have always received excellent service and high quality product from Heat-Line.

Scott - Kansas City, Missouri