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What is LEAN and why is it important?

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Vantage partners with leading food brands to provide value-added protein products through customized processing solutions such as case-ready fresh meat programs.

Because best is a moving target, relentless innovation is our call to action.  By benchmarking global food trends, new processing technologies, and evolving best manufacturing practices, redefining best is what we do.

Helping our customers achieve outstanding results is why.
Commitment to our high performance culture is how.

Food Safety

food-safetyQuite simply, food safety is absolute. That’s why multiple control processes and protocols are in place to ensure uncompromised safety at every step, from raw product intake to processing, shipping, and in-store placement.


LEAN Manufacturing

manufacturingWe operate our Service Centres using a set of practices called LEAN Manufacturing.  Together they challenge and hold our entire organization accountable.


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We’ve been innovating since 1997, and exceptional people are the reason we continue to grow.

We invite you to purposely shape your future in a respectful and safe workplace that champions continuous learning, an environment of inclusivity, and a stated preference to promote from within.

Discover your potential.

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Core Purpose

To position our partners to lead their markets by delivering
value-added protein products through customized processing solutions

Brand Promise

We will deliver superior value to our partners through quality, cost leadership,
and open-book transparency

Accountable for Customer Success

"At Vantage, we define accountability as doing the right thing for all stakeholders, internally and externally. Making good decisions means being aligned with the core values that anchor our high performance culture. For example, when we act from a place of integrity, we are being accountable to our customers and each other. It’s that simple.

An invigorating and inclusive environment stimulates accountability because everyone is focused on a common purpose; our customers’ success. Vantage aims to be known as the best-in-class case-ready partner in North America. That means consistently doing the right thing. When we do, everyone benefits."

Leonal Kilgore
President and Chief Operating Officer, Vantage North America

A Remarkable Place to Work

"Working at Vantage provides a great opportunity to learn, grow, and have input into a wide range of projects and initiatives. We have a lean organization structure, without the bureaucracy or hierarchy found in other companies of our size. Our people are like-minded, goal-oriented, and results-driven.

Every individual at Vantage has the opportunity to make a difference and we reward our employees for performance."

Don Finstad
Chief Financial Officer, Vantage Foods