About Vantage

We don’t do status quo

Vantage is a nimble and independent niche player on the forefront of value-added protein products and customized processing solutions for leading food brands.

Running ahead of status quo takes a team of determined and energized people who love to innovate, grow, and thrive on challenge.

Does this sound like you? 


Vantage History and Future

In the mid-1990’s, Vantage saw a niche case-ready market opportunity emerging in North America. Leading food retailers were seeking to achieve superior meat department performance in an increasingly competitive market by addressing challenges like:

  • Access to skilled labour
  • Assurance of unassailable food safety
  • Creating quality differentiation in the fresh meats case

We assembled a strong and dedicated team to build a business model based on global case-ready best practices in Europe and North America. In 1997, a visionary Western Canadian retailer opened their doors to us. Together we built our first case-ready Service Centre and forged a long-term partnership agreement that held us accountable for unmatched value, superior quality, cost leadership, and open-book transparency.

That first agreement stood the test of time and remains the basis of our long-term partnership agreements. Since 1997, our company has grown from 150 to 800 employees currently working in our operating facility in the US to meet our customers’ changing needs and be accountable for their success.

Vantage has broadened into value-added protein processing solutions in partnership with leading food brands.

Exceptional people are the reason for our growth.


Vantage at a Glance

  • Established 1997
  • One highly automated, state-of-the-art, fresh meats processing facility in the NE US
  • 800+ employees, and actively recruiting
  • Privately-owned family company with senior management equity participation


Core Purpose

To position our partners to lead their markets by delivering value-added protein products through customized processing solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility

We act with integrity to care for the environment, contribute to our local communities, support the well-being of our people, and protect the safety of our products



Strategic Aspiration (BHAG)

To become the custom protein processor of choice, partnering with leading food brands

Brand Promise

We will deliver superior value to our partners through quality, cost leadership, and open-book transparency


"The best strategies and business models are ineffective
in the absence of a strong and vital culture. 
Culture defines how we show up for work,
treat each other, and collaborate to achieve results.
It is the basis of who we are, what we do, and why we can."

Gary Haley,
CEO and Founder

Three Core Values Anchor Our Culture

1.   We act with Integrity

2.   We believe in the continuous pursuit of Quality

3.    Food and workplace Safety is what we do

High Performance Culture

In Vantage’s high performance culture, every one of us is accountable for driving success for our customers, which, in turn, grows our business.  The integrity of our culture belongs to all of us.  It is prefaced on our core values and reflected in the way we treat each other (internally and externally).  Vantage is purposely invested in continuous cultural change to keep our customers and our business on the path to growth and profitability by:

  • Encouraging Employee Engagement
    Engaging and inspiring everyone to relentlessly improve our performance
  • Improving the Customer Experience
    Continually improving overall service quality and customer experience
  • Living our Cultural Practices and Core Values
    Acting and behaving in alignment with cultural practices and core values

Cultural Practices:  The Vantage Way


Vantage produces value-added protein products through customized processing solutions, in partnership with leading food brands in the NE US.  Our facility is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)-approved and meets and/or exceeds all government food safety regulations.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Vantage ascribes to GMP, which encompasses global best practices to optimize efficiencies, ensure product integrity, and operate safe, respectful workplaces.


LEAN Manufacturing practices are integrated into every aspect of our organization. LEAN is how we continually evaluate workflow processes to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and create value for our customers.

Quality People

What drives an organization committed to quality?

Skilled professionals committed to defining best-in-class quality and exceeding customer needs. Members of Vantage Foods’ Senior Management Team have been selected for their:

  • Proven track records as quality driven food production specialists
  • In-depth understanding and experience in food processing, retail, and the case-ready fresh meats industry
  • Superior communication and technical skills
  • Commitment to LEAN Manufacturing practices
  • Dedication to Vantage core values



The scope of stewardship is broad and inclusive of people, places, and beliefs that define Vantage’s ethical corporate behaviour; internally and externally.

Social Responsibility Statement

We act with integrity to care for the environment, contribute to our local communities, support the well-being of our people, and protect the safety of our products.

Food Safety

As fresh food processors, it goes without saying we have an unwavering duty to ensure the safety and health of those who consume our products. Vantage senior management actively participate in ground-breaking scientific research and industry/government policy and regulatory forums to raise the bar on food safety and fresh food processing best practices.



Where feasible, Vantage ships products in returnable plastic totes, recycles water used in our processing facilities, and employs LEAN Manufacturing practices to eliminate waste and optimize efficient distribution networks.  Our innovation mindset is always focused on new ways to minimize and/or repurpose the resources we use.

Good Neighbours

As a key employer in our host communities, we strive to be good neighbours by contributing to local charities, sponsoring community events, and maintaining open communication with municipal governments. Wherever feasible, we source locally for employees and services, and partner with community post-secondary institutions and organizations to deliver accredited apprenticeships and management training programs.

Workplace Safety

Sustainability encompasses the way we safeguard the well-being of our employees and champion their potential. Vantage absolutely conducts business on the forefront of workplace safety, which is never compromised by urgency.

We operate respectful and inclusive workplaces that identify and develop Great Leaders in all aspects of our company. Through mentorship and training, apprenticeships, certificate programs, and post-secondary education, we invest in the personal and career development of our people. Our long-term retention rate is a direct reflection of the calibre and commitment of Vantage’s exceptional employees.


Global Industry

Sustainability extends beyond Vantage to a global industry that is continually riding a tsunami of change. Contributing to responsible and ethical growth of the food processing sector is a commitment we take seriously.  We are honoured to participate in strategic alliances with progressive colleagues, global think-tanks, and policy organizations to benchmark trends and contribute to vital research that keeps improving how our industry processes and distributes safe, quality food.