Accountability: An Attitude of Respect

A conversation with Leonal Kilgore, President and Chief Operating Officer, Vantage Foods North America

Leonal, what does accountability mean?

At Vantage, we define accountability as doing the right thing for all stakeholders, internally and externally. Making good decisions means being aligned with the core values that anchor our high performance culture. For example, when we act from a place of integrity, we are being accountable to our customers and each other. It’s that simple.

What measures are in place to create accountability?

Accountability thrives in an entrepreneurial atmosphere where everyone is encouraged and free to participate in decision-making. It sustains an attitude of mutual respect.

Every day, we challenge each other to come up with innovative solutions to make what we did yesterday even better tomorrow. Sharing ideas creates ownership for, and collaboration on, ways and means to implement efficiencies and/or add new products and services that create incremental value for our customers.

Vantage’s highly automated Service Centers operate with multiple processes and regulatory procedures to ensure uncompromised food and workplace safety; and hold us accountable to our employees and to those who consume our products.

What motivates accountability?

An invigorating and inclusive environment stimulates accountability because everyone is focused on a common purpose, our customers’ success. Vantage aims to be known as the best-in-class case-ready partner in North America. That means consistently doing the right thing. When we do, everyone benefits.