Food Safety Is Paramount

A conversation with Yemi Ogunrinola, Vice-President, Food Science and Regulatory Affairs (Canada/US)

Yemi, why is food safety a cornerstone?

Food safety is a well-defined and mandatory expectation of the consuming public, the retail food industry, and government regulators. As a core value, Vantage has never taken food safety for granted, and we never will. Food safety is the cornerstone of our integrity as a responsible fresh food processing company. Moreover, the safety of those who consume our products is an ethical and moral imperative for which Vantage is accountable.

What recognized measures does Vantage take to ensure food safety?

Food safety is a relentless process of vigilance, science-based research, and rigorous testing through a comprehensive network of control point measures.

It begins with careful vetting of credible suppliers to ensure the veracity of raw materials, and extends to every aspect of processing, packaging, transportation, and final product placement into the retail fresh meats case. Vantage proprietary packaging continues to ensure shelf-life stability and product integrity for consumers at home. All Vantage facilities are HACCP* accredited and adhere to universally accepted regulatory protocols as a proven foundation to build on.

How does Vantage build on the HACCP foundation?

The strategic design of our highly-automated, fresh food processing facilities, is modelled on global best practices to ensure efficient process flow, minimal human product handling, and uncompromised cold chain control throughout. This is supplemented with skilled leadership from our food science and quality assurance professionals, fully resourced in-plant laboratories, and ongoing accredited training programs for all Vantage employees.

How does Vantage share food safety knowledge?

Food safety extends well beyond Vantage into a global network embracing fresh food industry leaders, academia, regulatory agencies, and individuals with the credentials and credibility to make us better as processors of safe fresh food products.

Vantage actively contributes to, and collaborates with, key stakeholders in the global fresh meats industry and food science-based research. Together, we are on a mission to advance food science, enhance technical know-how, and continually push the bar on safety.

*Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a preventative food safety system in which every step in the manufacture, storage, and distribution of a food product is scientifically analyzed for microbiological, physical, and chemical hazards.

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