What is LEAN and why is it important?

A conversation with Sheilah Lee Restall, Director, LEAN Manufacturing, Vantage Foods Canada

What is LEAN Manufacturing?

LEAN is a collection of best practices designed to find and enhance value by relentlessly challenging the status quo in every aspect of an operating company like Vantage. How can we increase yields? Where can we improve process efficiencies? What are the options to optimize time and eliminate material waste? Should we rethink and repurpose our resources?

Most important – how can we create more value for our customer?

Who drives LEAN?

Every Vantage employee has their hands on the LEAN steering wheel.

LEAN is the backbone of Vantage’s high performance culture that thrives on employee engagement at all levels of our company. Working together the right way sustains a collaborative environment where everyone’s input is heard and has value.

A company LEAN mindset is frequently hearing, “Hey, how can we do this better?”

What does day-to-day LEAN look like?

  • On the packaging line, LEAN is making sure we have everything we need, close at hand, before starting our shifts so process flow isn’t interrupted if someone leaves to find something missing
  • On the cutting line, LEAN is cutting for maximum protein yield, which creates more market value for our customers
  • LEAN is being on time, ready to work, challenging the status quo, and packing a can-do attitude every day
  • LEAN is boldly asking questions and feeling supported to contribute suggestions

Why is LEAN important?

LEAN focuses on what is of value, and tries to eliminate waste, which creates a competitive advantage for our customers.

When Vantage customers succeed, so do we.