Vantage Champions Employee Engagement

A conversation with Jim Good, Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services, Vantage Foods

Jim, why does Vantage believe in employee engagement?

Quite simply, we care about our people. It is why we consciously work to earn employee engagement by offering safe, healthy, and respectful work environments. To optimize employee productivity, we need everyone to know and feel their contribution impacts the success of our business and that of our customers. Employee engagement is an integral part of our culture because every individual counts.

As a new employee, how can I earn my place as a trusted team member?

Be prepared to work toward shared goals and accept responsibility for your part in achieving them. Demonstrate a positive attitude, an eagerness to learn, and, most importantly, bring your best to work every day.

What processes are in place to ensure I am fully resourced to succeed at my job?

We want to make sure you have what you need to hit the ground running. This starts with helping you clearly understand our culture and core values, business strategy, and performance priorities. Together, we’re accountable for our customers’ success.

All new Vantage hires participate in a comprehensive on-boarding process that reviews performance parameters and feedback, career progression opportunities, employee benefit program, and our reward system built on individual and team performance.

Honest, open, two-way communication is the direct route to your success and ours. Celebrating milestones along the way is part of the Vantage culture. Welcome on board.