Workplace Safety

Safeguarding our number one asset. A conversation with Jim Good, Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services, Vantage Foods Inc.

Jim, why is workplace safety important?

We take pride in safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees; Vantage’s number one asset. It is important to provide a safe and injury-free environment that instills confidence in our employees and their ability to focus on doing their jobs.

What does workplace safety look like at Vantage?

We take a positive approach to safety.

Utilizing behavioural-based safety tactics, we empower our employees to engage in all aspects of workplace safety, including how we work and treat each other. Ours is an inclusive environment and one that recognizes every individual has something to contribute.

Open communication and continuous training keeps us pushing the bar on workplace safety best practices. Our employees actively participate in monthly Service Centre Safety Committee meetings, which provide an open forum for discussion about ways to evaluate and improve safety processes and behaviors. Our safety mandate belongs to all of us.

How does workplace safety align with a High Performance Culture?

Safety is living our culture, and we don’t see it as a stand-alone issue. It is an integral part of who we are as a company. It mirrors our core value of integrity, and is directly linked to the quality of our products and the calibre of our people. Safety is a very personal issue. As team players, we look out for each other every day. We believe this is high performance culture in action.