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Are you ready to build a career, develop your skills,
and discover your potential?

Is a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace important to you?

Are you a team player who enjoys collaborating for success?

Vantage invites you to purposely shape your future in a vibrant organization that values motivated people who want to grow.

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Working Together the Right Way

In joining the Vantage Team, you are making an important choice to participate in a high performance culture where all employees are directly linked to the quality of the customer experience and business results.

A robust set of core values, cultural practices, actions and behaviours, create a safe environment for everyone to contribute and be heard.

Working together the right way is how we engage and inspire each other to innovate and continually create better products, processes, and services for our customers. This creates competitive advantage for our retail food partners, and a strong future for Vantage and you! 

Working Together Means Partnership

The Vantage employee/employer contract is a two-way commitment.

You are a member of Team Vantage and your input counts.  Every one of us has something of value to contribute.  What will yours be?


Attracting and retaining quality employees builds strength and continuity for Vantage, empowering our ability to offer remarkable customer service.

Vantage offers:

  • A comprehensive compensation package where pay and benefit plans are competitive in the areas where we operate
  • A well-resourced path to career growth and a stated preference to promote from within where feasible
  • A high and consistent level of internal communication
  • Tangible rewards for demonstrated results

Employee Engagement

Our internal employee website offers a dynamic menu of learning modules, policy manuals, training, and certification programs.

Most importantly, it supports a lively cross-border, company-wide portal for idea exchange, celebration of achievements, and conversations about emerging trends that keep us current and innovative.

Current Postings

As a growing company, our needs for talented people are expanding.

Please watch for new postings (updated continuously) in our Canadian and US locations for:

  • Production and operating jobs
  • Skilled maintenance trades
  • Management positions

It is easy to apply. Simply access our on-line application process. Your expression of interest will be reviewed promptly and held in confidence. Start shaping your future today!

current openings

Belleville Service Centre
Quality Assurance TechnicianBelleville, OntarioPosted February 13, 2020Details
Industrial ElectricianBelleville, OntarioPosted October 16, 2019Details
Certified Industrial MillwrightBelleville, OntarioPosted October 16, 2019Details
Operations Manager (Meat Processing)Belleville, OntarioPosted August 28, 2019Details
Production SupervisorBelleville, OntarioPosted June 24, 2019Details
Camp Hill Service Center
Maintenance Superintendent – 2nd ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted February 26, 2020Details
Staff AccountantCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted February 25, 2020Details
Quality Assurance ManagerCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted February 21, 2020Details
Production Lead (Stack Off / Tote Wash) – 2nd Shift – BackCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted February 19, 2020Details
Production Supervisor – 2nd ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted February 14, 2020Details
Quality Assurance Technician – 2nd ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted February 13, 2020Details
Shipping Lead – 2nd ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted February 4, 2020Details
Quality Assurance Technician – 1st ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted January 30, 2020Details
Production Leads – 2nd Shift BackCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted January 23, 2020Details
Production Leads – 1st Shift SplitCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted January 20, 2020Details
Production Leads – 1st Shift FrontCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted January 20, 2020Details
Senior Quality Assurance LeadCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted January 15, 2020Details
Maintenance SuperintendentCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted January 6, 2020Details
Shipping Lead – 1st ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted January 2, 2020Details
Management Trainee 2020 (Camp Hill, PA)Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted December 31, 2019Details
Production Lead – 2nd Shift BeefCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted December 19, 2019Details
Production Superintendent/Manager – 2nd ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted December 19, 2019Details
Production Lead – 1st Shift Split – RollstockCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted December 10, 2019Details
Product Integrity Auditor – 1st and 2nd ShiftsCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted November 20, 2019Details
Production AssociateCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted November 14, 2019Details
Production Lead (Slicing Beef) – 1st ShiftCamp Hill, PennsylvaniaPosted July 18, 2019Details