service centres

We call our food processing facilities Service Centres because each facility offers our retail customers exceptional supply chain service, from raw material intake to consumer directed merchandising.

Vantage Service Centres are uniquely resourced to optimize quality, minimize cost, and ensure uncompromised food and workplace safety to meet each retail customer’s specific requirements.

Each of our three Service Centres offers:

  • Independent third party fresh meats processing
  • A full range of fresh meats capability
  • Integrated supply chain technology
  • Complete flexibility on raw material supply
  • Rigorous food safety protocols and an in-facility food laboratory
  • State-of-the-art equipment and processing technology
  • Exceptional cost efficiencies
  • Best-in-class standards – in every aspect
  • Superior labour relations and a positive, growth-oriented environment for employees

Vantage Foods (ON) Inc.

Ontario, Canada

view map 240 Jamieson Bone Road
Belleville, ON K8N 5T3

This modern 48,000 sq.ft. facility sits on 13 acres of commercial land in Belleville, Ontario; strategically located adjacent to major transportation arteries throughout Eastern Canada. The City of Belleville and surrounding areas are vital sources of employees and contract services.

A dedicated team of 225 employees work together the right way in Vantage's high performance culture to supply a full range of case-ready fresh meats to 560 food retail stores for Metro Inc., including Food Basics, Metro, Metro Plus, and Super C banners.

Belleville is HACCP-certified, equipped with a full-service food science laboratory, and operates according to CFIA food safety protocols and global industry best practices.

NEW Vantage Case-Ready Seafood Plant Opening 2018

Construction is underway on Vantage's Belleville, Ontario property for a market-leading, case-ready seafood processing plant.

This turnkey 50,000 sq.ft. facility is designed in alignment with global best seafood processing practices, and will supply case-ready fresh salmon and white fish products, and ready-to-eat cold smoked salmon, to 125 Metro retail banners in Ontario and 72 in Quebec.

80 to 90 new jobs will be created. Watch Careers current postings for new opportunities.

Vantage Foods (MB) Inc.

Manitoba, Canada

view map 41 Paquin Road
Winnipeg, MB R2J 3V9

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Vantage’s central Canadian Service Centre is a fully-automated fresh food processing facility, modeled on best-in-class, case-ready plants in Europe and North America.  

This 53,000 sq.ft. HACCP-certified operation, processes beef, pork, and grinds for multiple retail food customers in central and northern Canada, including:

  • Safeway (owned by Sobeys)
  • Custom processing export-ready fresh pork for Asia with HyLife Foods

A team of 90 employees work together the right way in Vantage’s high performance culture to meet the diverse needs of 270 different retail food stores.

Vantage Foods PA LP (Camp Hill)

Pennsylvania, US


view map 2700 Yetter Court
Camp Hill, PA 17011

In October 2013, Vantage PA LP opened a new Service Center in Camp Hill, PA to offer a full case-ready fresh meats program for the retail food divisions of Ahold USA.

In 2016, Ahold merged with Delhaize to form Ahold Delhaize; one of the world’s largest food retail groups; a leader in supermarkets and e-commerce, and a company at the forefront of sustainable retailing.

At 162,000 sq.ft., the Camp Hill Service Center:

  • Is the largest of Vantage's four processing facilities
  • Incorporates the most advanced global food processing technology to ensure safe, premium quality production and distribution of fresh beef, pork, and grind
  • Employs over 700 staff, most of whom come from surrounding communities
  • Supplies more than 560 retail stores in the NE US to Ahold Delhaize retail banners, including: Giant Carlisle, Giant Landover, Stop & Shop New England, Stop & Shop New York, and multiple locations for Peapod on-line

Our Promise

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